Studio view: The Young Artist (1840/2018), S5630 Waterproof LED lights, solder, electrical cords, electrical transformers, artist tape, 14’9 x 8’8, 2018.  

On August 17, 2017, a roughly 70-mile strip of solar eclipse totality, and hundreds of miles of partial totality, swept across the United States, following a path from Oregon to South Carolina. 2017 to Present, an installation of used, handmade solar-eclipse viewers made by the public for this eclipse-event, represents a partial selection from the artist’s growing archive.

Mana Contemporary Miami Artist-in-Residence, July 2018 – August 2019: A Century of Dissent: Miami!

Introducing the Sea Level Rise Architectural Intervention Institute, S.L.R.A.I.I., formed in 2018 in order to create awareness of sea level rise projection models in every day as well as formal and institutional spaces. The installations of future calendar year markers and their corresponding installation height correlate with the height of predicted mean sea levels corresponding to both main stream and progressive climate change models.

Untitled is a continuing series of unique photograms (20×24″ each).  The phone number, 202-456-1111, belongs to the White House.  Works from this series are actively donated to art and social justice organizations for fundraising.  An artist book on this project will be published by VSW in fall 2018 with an accompanying essay by Martha Rosler.

A Century of Dissent, Hunter East Harlem Gallery, Harlem, NY, 2017