The Florida Prize, Orlando Museum of Art, June 1 – August 19, 2018

Studio view: The Young Artist (1840/2018), S5630 Waterproof LED lights, solder, electrical cords, electrical transformers, artist tape, 14’9 x 8’8, 2018.  

Mana Contemporary Miami Artist-in-Residence, July 6 – Sept 10, 2018

Untitled​ is a continuing series of unique photograms (20×24″ each).  The phone number, ​202-456-1111, belongs to the White House.  Works from this series are actively donated to art and social justice organizations for fundraising

A Century of Dissent, Hunter East Harlem Gallery, Harlem, NY, 2017

Phase 1 Live Archive, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA 2013