Organized by artists:
Jason Lazarus (Tampa, FL)
Stephanie Syjuco (Oakland, CA)
Siebren Versteeg (New York, NY)


Everyone is invited to participate in a nationwide “virtual protest” in support of Black Lives Matter, launching online Sept. 1, 2020 and streaming 24/7 throughout the year at Submissions received in the coming months will be included in the virtual protest within 24 hours of submission. Send us a short video/image of you protesting, and we will digitally “cut it out” and stitch it into a moving collage of hundreds of other submissions.

*We especially invite those who are immunocompromised, people with disabilities, precarious community members including undocumented individuals or those at risk of deportation, medical workers and caregivers to those who are immunocompromised, those without childcare, those who are house-bound, those who are bed-bound, and the many other reasons one may need to protest “virtually.” We are actively prioritizing Black and brown participants and seek to center them in the work.

Black Lives Matter TAMPA Speaks to the Moment, 9/1/20 represented BY Donna Davis, Lead Organizer BLMT and Tati Orengo, Organizer w BLMT and Co-Founder of Sis, Se Puede! (1 hr, 8 min)


Public_Public_Address also invites activists and activist groups to use the virtual protest feed as a broadcast platform for live feed events–email us to arrange a broadcast…our first broadcast with Black Lives Matter Tampa (9/1/20) is archived here.


I have limited mobility and it’s difficult for me to shoot a video — how can I participate?
We also accept photo submissions such as selfies, and other types of still images. All submission styles will be integrated.

I am undocumented and concerned about being identified — can I participate without showing myself?
Yes. You can choose to cover identifying features, hold the sign covering your face, or create other ways to remain anonymous.

I have been protesting on the street and will continue to do so, is there a way for me participate in this project?
If you can protest on the street, consider helping somebody in your own network who can’t protest on the streets document themselves ‘marching’ and submit to the project.

Where will Public_Public_Address be viewable?
Viewers will be able to see this project online in multiple venues and platforms. We will launch on September 1st with Black Lives Matter Tampa, and then keep streaming online throughout the year, expanding the project with different community partners across the country. In October we will launch a version with The Blaffer Museum in Houston, TX. We aim to work with organizations and institutions for public projection of the live feed throughout 2020.

Does this project in a way encourage protesters to stay off the streets?
This project is not about avoiding the physical street at all. In fact, more than ever we all need to show up in the ways we can — there is critical work and visibility that needs to happen on the streets, online, and behind the scenes. This project is about widening the possibilities of ways we can show up.